About the expert illustrator
To Rebecca Davies, the role of a scientific illustrator is twofold: to increase the accessibility of scientific information, and to cultivate and develop their own knowledge of both scientific and illustrative processes, whilst staying true to their own form of self-expression. Which are not easy tasks! This twofold path is something Rebecca endeavours to follow in her artistic practice. She is particularly fond of depicting animals, because she finds that illustrating them strengthens the connection and understanding she has with the natural world. Rebecca Davies is a graduate of the Master of Scientific Illustration at Zuyd Hogeschool and the University of Maastricht. She comes from a research-oriented background, having graduated with a BSc (hons) degree in Zoology from the University of Nottingham.

Practical information

  • Sign up via the button below
  • Price: €25,- (entrance to the museum included)
  • Max. 16 participators 
  • Including coffee/tea
  • Drawing material included
    • A3 paper
    • Charcoal, fineliner, chalk
    • Pencils 2H to 2B
    • Erasers and sharpeners