Natuurmuseum Brabant is a family museum focused on the life of plants and animals. It is great for an enjoyable day out but also to acquire a life-long passion for the natural world and lay the foundations for sustainable action. 
Even more plus points: it’s directly opposite Tilburg train station, it has a great café, lovely shop and is easily accessible with a pushchair , wheelchair or mobility scooter

Fossils, skeletons and stuffed animals: you will find everything that should be in a natural history museum at Natuurmuseum Brabant. But what makes us unique is the way we present our collection and the natural world to our visitors. It is interactive, quirky and inviting. Whether you are 3 or 83, there is always something to do at Natuurmuseum Brabant and everyone is welcome.

Younger visitors are sent on an expedition with their (grand)parents or teachers. By doing the nature-based activities, they learn all about the world around them. This varies from looking at the animals that live in the Netherlands, to learning about what comprises an ecosystem, what it was like to hunt a mammoth and how biodiversity works. 
On that basis, we like to offer opportunities for talent developing as well as a perspective for action: after all, we also address our own role in the natural world. How can we ourselves contribute to a better world? In discovering how we can do that, we are sometimes confronted with bigger issues but even then, we always take a positive approach.

Love of the natural world
Our primary goal is igniting a love of the natural world in our visitors; besides simply being a great (family) day out or school trip, of course. The youngest children will also feel at home here. And the younger you learn about the immense value of the natural world and that you have to take care of it, the better!

There’s also a lot going on behind the scenes. What we stand for, who works here and how we deal with privacy if you buy a ticket online as well as what else we do outside the walls of the museum. You will find all that information on this site.