Admission prices from 1st January 2024

Buy your tickets online for peace of mind and to avoid disappointment! All exhibitions are included in the admission prices.

Individual visitors

Children up to 3 years free
4-17 years € 13,00
Adults € 15,00

CJP culture card and museum card    

CJP 13-17 years € 11,50
CJP > 18 years / student card € 13,50
WNF Rangers free with voucher
Fanpas Natuurmuseum Brabant free
Museumkaart free (see info below)
Vriendenloterij VIP-kaart  free (1 ticket per card)
KNNV-leden afdeling Tilburg free
Members Brabants Landschap free
Natuurmuseum Brabantpas € 2,50

If admission is part of a package, you will always pay the price shown on the voucher or indicated with the package. Special discounts or any other reductions are not valid.

You can have access to more than 450 museums in the Netherlands with one pass. The Museumkaart costs €75. There is also a Museumkaart for young people up the age of 18 which costs €39 (prices valid as from June 2023). You can order the Museumkaart online or buy one from us at the counter.

(from 10 people, rates per person)

Adult groups € 14,00
Children’s groups  4-17 years € 12,00

Other prices

Exit ticket for Knegtel car park   €  5,95


Individual Fan pass (1 person) € 35,00
GezinsFanpas (flexible, minimum 1 adult) variable

Click here for information about the Fan pass, including rates 

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