Fan of Natuurmuseum Brabant?

If you enjoyed your visit and you like the idea of visiting the museum more often in the coming year, then we have something for you. The Fan Pass! It is a subscription for one person or a family, in flexible compositions (from two to five people). You will have redeemed the cost of the pass at your third visit, you can come and often as you like, and you support the museum. 

How does the Fan Pass work? 
An Individual Fan Pass for one person costs 35 euros per year. For that you have unlimited admission to the museum for one year, you can come as often as you like (we recommend reserving online).

The Family Fan Pass is meant for a family of two to five people, in all kinds of combinations. That could be father, mother and three children, a single father with two children, or a mother, grandmother and one child, plus the child you babysit every weekend. In other words, the family with whom you want to visit the museum more often in the coming year. The conditions are that there is a minimum of one and maximum of two adults on the pass and that the names are stated on the pass. So, you cannot bring a different friend each time, the pass is not meant for that purpose.

The price depends on the number of people. For two people, you pay 65 euros per year, and just over 30 euros extra for every additional person. 

If you would like to have more than five people on the Fan Pass, then you only pay 25 euros per person from the sixth person. 

Your Fan Pass can start at any time and is valid for one year after the purchase date. Furthermore, with the pass, you not only get unlimited admission to the museum but also 25% discount on admission to Safaripark Beekse Bergen and Dierenrijk! 

Want a year of museum fun?

You can become a Fan by completing the from below. Complete the form, and we will send you an email with all the information you need. We will send you the Fan Pass after payment.

You can also buy an online ticket via the ‘Fan Button’ and take your confirmation email with you to the museum (printed or digitally) at your first following visit. Then you can pay for and receive your fan pass there.

Yes, I will become a fan!

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