Gallery filled with Frog elements

You can have loads of fun in Frog's world: rummage around in the house, pick apples, do a silhouette puzzle, spot the differences or build your own cake.

Frog was 'born' over 30 years ago in his first book Frog in Love. Many more adventures were to come; so he has already had many experiences. Come and create your own adventure in our Frog gallery. You can literally step into your favourite character's skin. Dress up as one of Frog's friends and get your photo taken with Frog. The gallery contains all kinds of well-known elements from the books, such as Frog's house and the apple tree. And you can also discover new things, such as the snack table. What can you treat Frog and his friends to? Do they all like eating the same thing? Take a seat and play along.

You will also meet Frog's friends. This is what Pig, Duck, Hare and Rat look like! Little Bear has become a Honey Bear just for the museum. After all, you wouldn't find the teddy bear from the books wandering around in the wild. We would love to hear what you think of the gallery. Have fun!

Frog has more than earned his place!

Tens of thousands of Dutch children - and their parents - have grown up with the Frog books by Max Velthuijs. Frog has been around for almost 35 years now, and his fame reaches beyond the Netherlands. Frog and his animal friends have been going on their adventures in over 57 countries. They love the countryside, and so do we! So, what better reason than to give Frog his own place in Natuurmuseum Brabant.