In Natuurmuseum Brabant you experience all the seasons, inside too. The Forest changes four times a year with the seasons. So, it’s the same gallery but different every three months. It’s unique for a Dutch museum!

You step into a special, magical gallery for all the senses. And you don’t need language for that. The gallery is meant to stimulate all your senses. Your nose, ears, eyes and hands, nothing will be left out. Magical, innovative and challenging. When you step into the gallery, the Forest looks like a realistic fairy-tale: an exciting wood that is cosy too. TREE stands in the middle of the gallery.

The thing that makes this gallery so special is that it changes four times a year into the atmosphere of the season. And just like in a real forest, you can learn all about the countryside in this exhibition, but we've also hidden some technical features here and there. For example, the floor projection is filled with pleasant surprises, and it constantly changes. Using a 'smart' branch, you can open the boxes containing Dutch tasks, collect animals and leaves from the season, and get a virtual museum tree to grow.

Four seasons of the Forest, we still cannot decide which season we like best or is the most beautiful …. Make sure to see them all. In autumn, mushrooms appear at your feet, you see squirrels leaping around and you can imitate a storm. In winter, the snow melts beneath your feet, you see snowflakes falling and birds flying by. In spring flowers appear and ducks waddle by on the floor projection.

It is a gallery with tasks in Dutch contained in cupboards but well worth visiting.

All exhibitions are included in the admission price.

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